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Thursday, March 29th at 6:00 pm


Saturday at Noon, dates to be determined

***Dates subject to change***

Yoga Foundations Thursday

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Thursday 6:00 to 7:30

$150.00 for 8 weekly classes

Yoga Foundations Saturday

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Saturday 12:00-1:30

$150.00 for 8 weekly classes


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8 class series

once a week for 8 weeks




So you’ve been thinking about going to Yoga classes and you haven’t done it yet.

You want to be healthier and stronger, have more flexibility, and feel more balanced. You’d like to have a greater sense of peace and well-being. Maybe your doctor told you to explore it or a friend or family member has invited you to check it out.

You might feel uncomfortable with the thought of attending a class. You have no idea how to do any of those poses and you may be afraid that you won’t be able to! You don’t even know what to wear or what to bring!

It’s normal to feel that way, in fact, most people have the same reasons for wanting to do Yoga and more of the same reasons why they haven’t done it yet.

The good news is, you don’t have to know anything! All you have to do is bring yourself and an open mind. This is why we call it a Yoga practice, not a Yoga perfect. We are PRACTICING and LEARNING.

Even Yogis and Yoginis who have been practicing for years still have a “beginner’s mind.” They know the value of a strong foundation and will revisit and refine the basics over and over again.

This course will introduce you to the foundational elements of Yoga in a relaxed, yet structured way. The series will be repeated so if you miss one class, you can make it up the next time around. You can repeat this course as often as you like, because it will never feel the same. We continually work toward mastering the poses and deepening our practice.

This class series is strongly encouraged for the brand new beginner, as well as those who have done a few classes already. Advanced students will benefit from practicing with a “beginner’s mind”, revisiting the basics to fine tune their practice. Yoga teachers will learn how to better assist their students by deepening their own understanding of the fundamentals of Yoga.

I invite you to participate in this 8 week course to give yourself a solid Yoga foundation so you will feel confident and comfortable as you begin or advance your Yoga journey.

No matter what your level of fitness is, and regardless of your physical limitations, your age, or how you feel, you CAN practice Yoga.

Maya Shakti Yoga Studio is a calm, nurturing environment with a solid community of supportive individuals, many whom once felt the very same way you do now. 


I absolutely LOVE working with beginners and I'm so excited to offer this class to you. See you on the mat!

~Dawn Marie

WHat you will learn

You will learn:

A brief history of Yoga.

The goal of Yoga most people don’t know about.

The benefits of Yoga.

How to link movement and breath.

What the Yoga Sutras are.

Each week we will explore one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. You will see how these limbs are individual, yet build upon themselves and are meant to be practiced simultaneously.

You will learn a basic Sun Salutation and the main posture groups by following my signature “road map” to Yoga poses. This road map breaks down poses in a simple, easy to remember sequence that you will be able to refer to no matter what pose you are practicing.

We will cover warm ups, standing, stabilization, hip openers, twists, back bends, lateral bends, forward bends, balance, and inversions.

You will be given suggestions to take Yoga off the mat and integrate it into your life.

You will practice easy meditation techniques and be introduced to Yoga Nidra.

Pre-enrollment is required for this 8 class weekly course.

If you have to miss a class due to travel or illness, please let me know ahead of time.

If you miss a class due to the above reasons, you can make it up the next time it is offered.

There are no refunds.