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I am a Life Coach who helps people learn to have more balanced lives with peace and clarity by teaching life-changing Yoga classes and workshops. I teach easy techniques you can use right away to have a calmer, less stressful, more peaceful life.






Redefine what success means to you and then develop a plan of action that will get you what you truly want. A life of peace, joy, and abundance.

The wisdom of Yoga has been passed down for thousands of years from teacher to student. Student became teacher and passed the wisdom down to the next student, and so on and so on. An Indian sage named Patanjali is believed to have written down this wisdom in a book called the Yoga Sutras approximately 2500 years ago. He gave structure to the practice of Yoga and outlined eight limbs or areas of practice within the Sutras to overcome the fluctuations of the mind.

These eight limbs are meant to be studied and applied simultaneously, each limb enhancing and supporting the others. The order in which they are presented is important to understand and apply. Each one lays the foundation for the next, creating a path to peace and contentment.

This is the goal of Yoga, to transcend the limitations and noise of the mind, so we can realize our true nature and live a life of authenticity.

The Yamas and Niyamas, the first two limbs, are the foundation of your Yoga practice and have NOTHING to do with moving your body.

I think of them as keys to unlocking doors to living your best life right now. There are ten of them, five Yamas and five Niyamas. Yamas are known as restraints, or things not to do. Niyamas are observances, or things to do.

These keys, as they are presented to you, are meant to be used to examine the effect of particular behaviors and ways of thinking. This process is intended to be done without judgment, without labeling right or wrong. It is simply an opportunity to notice what is working for you and what is not. Through this process you may uncover habits or ways of thinking that have kept you blocked or held you back from realizing your full potential. Once the awareness is developed, you can then choose to make changes or eliminate behaviors and habits that are limiting. You are essentially “unlocking” your potential and clearing the path toward your goals and intentions.

The value you can create for yourself with this process is limitless. It is not meant to be hurried or even completed. This is something you can do again and again. As you become more self aware and experience inner growth, you will discover that the work is never done. As you peel back one layer, another will appear. This is a lifelong practice.

Each week, I will introduce you to a new key. We will discuss how it applies to you individually and you will integrate that  knowledge into your life during the week. You will have assignments to complete and get support from your peers in a private Facebook group. You will also be invited to join a Life Coaching group, "Off the Mat", a small group of women who are learning to infuse the wisdom of Yoga into their daily lives.

My intention is that you study and integrate; “live with” the individual keys fully before moving on to the next one.

Together, we will go through this step-by-step process to unlock your full potential and design a life you love.

When you upgrade to my intensive 12 week Transformational Yoga Life Coaching package, you will receive:

*12 (once a week) one-on-one intensive coaching sessions, with
weekly assignments/in person or via Skype
($3100.00 value)
*A copy of the book, “The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s
Ethical Practice”
($12.95 value)
**12 (once a week) group Life Coaching sessions
($660.00 value)
*Unlimited Yoga classes with me for 12 weeks
(375.00 value)
*Enrollment in Yoga Foundations 8 week course
($120.00 value)
*Lifetime access to a private Facebook group with your peers
*Lifetime access to future updates & upgrades

for an introductory rate of $3500.00
It’s a savings of almost $750.00

Transformational Yoga Life Coaching & MENTORING






"OFF THE MAT" meets after Candlelight Flow on Wednesday nights 8:00 to 9:00.

This powerful small group experience consists of mastermind strategy sessions, goal-setting, self-discoveries, mutual support, and celebrations of successes. 

Worksheets are often combined with powerful sessions from a Yogic perspective.

It's when you get off your mat and apply these ancient teachings to your life, that you will realize what it means to truly live a Yogic lifestyle. 

When you sign up for a monthly auto-pay plan for
$125.00/month you will receive:

*One group Life Coaching session a week
($220.00 value)
*Unlimited Yoga classes with me
($125.00 value)
*Enrollment in the next Yoga Foundations 8 week course
($120.00 value)
*Lifetime access to a private Facebook group with your peers
*Lifetime access to future updates & upgrades
*New supportive friendships


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Do you need clarity or direction? Is there an area in your life you need support or do you just want someone to listen? Perhaps you just need a mental tune-up or a check-in. Let’s sort it out together.

I offer you a safe, supportive environment with complete confidentiality. You can talk to me about anything without fear of judgment.

Life Coaching is not counseling, therapy, or advice. It’s a deep process of intuitive listening, asking the right questions, and giving honest, open feedback.

A Life Coaching session can involve different holistic modalities. As I gain understanding of your situation, I can then offer suggestions to help you further.

$150.00/90 minutes