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Intermediate/Advanced Yoga

This class is suitable for the practitioner who has a basic foundation in Yoga and is ready to learn more.

It doesn’t matter how strong, fit, or flexible you are. Advanced Asana really has very little to do with what your body is capable of doing. It is the ability to move beyond the physical practice, breaking through mental barriers, and transcending the limitations of the mind.

We will explore more advanced breath techniques, learn about Bandhas, (energetic locks) and mudras (hand positions). We will also dive deep into the Chakra system, the vital energy centers responsible for balance at all levels of your being. 

I will introduce you to Koshas, which form a road map for the journey of self-discovery, and Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga. 

We will also challenge ourselves physically by practicing Asanas that require more core and upper body strength such as arm balances and inversions. Modifications will be offered to build up strength in the body so don't worry about performing anything perfectly. Just be willing to be present with yourself exactly as you are. 

If you have been to a few or more Yoga classes, this is your next step.