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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

  • You can start today!  We offer several classes a week -- simply find a class that meets your schedule and skill level.  
  • Plan to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of class to complete the New Student Registration Form. 
  • Bring a yoga mat or use one of ours. Plan to practice barefoot and wear comfortable exercise clothing.

Do you charge for mat rental?

  • No, at Maya Shakti Yoga we have plenty of mats, blocks, and straps for you to use. Lockers are also available for your use while attending class. 

Is Yoga a religion?

  • Yoga is not a religion. It is a 5,000 year old science. Students at Maya Shakti Yoga learn to find an inner spiritual peace (non-religious) which is useful to bring balance, joy and health to everyday life.

 Do you have Hot Yoga?

  • No, we build up heat in our bodies through movement.

What do I do if I have a pre-existing injury?

  • Injuries are, unfortunately, a part of life that we all must deal with on occasion. If you have a pre-existing condition/injury, PLEASE make the teacher aware of this before class. If the injury is truly causing you pain, we ask that you do not attend class until the injury has had time to heal. If you have an injury that is healing and you want Yoga to help you along that path, be certain you practice with awareness. Awareness is simple – it means, “If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.” All of our Yoga instructors offer adjustments to help students with alignment, and to make a deeper connection with the practice and with themselves. Our teachers have all been trained in assisting students and giving adjustments. The teachers do need to know about pre-existing injuries as certain adjustments could increase the possibility of further injury to the affected area. At Maya Shakti Yoga, our teachers are here to help you in any way they can, and they do adjustments for the purpose of “connection”, not “correction”. If for any reason, you do not wish to receive adjustments, please let the teacher know prior to the start of class. Most importantly, we believe that as a Yoga practitioner, you must trust yourself. You know your body and its abilities and limitations better than anyone. We always encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you and to modify your practice safely. Proper breathing, along with being focused and “tuned-in” to your physical practice, is the best way to prevent new injuries and/or soothe existing ones.

Will Yoga help me to manage stress and tension?

  • One of the fundamental aspects at Maya Shakti Yoga is its emphasis on the development of a deep, complete breath.  This has a direct calming effect on the central nervous system and helps to release tension within the mind and body.

What if I am not fit or flexible?

  • At Maya Shakti Yoga we encourage students to begin where they are. The health benefits of a Yoga practice are immediate. Students learn to accept and appreciate their body where it is now, with the new knowledge that Yoga is a journey, not a means to an end. Everyone has a beautiful body and mind to explore, expand, and heal though compassionate, skilled teaching.

How will I benefit from yoga?

  • Yoga’s greatest effect is on the mind. As a result of your practice at Maya Shakti Yoga, you will experience greater calm and balance in your daily life. Yoga is a complete health maintenance program for the body and mind. A Yoga practice has the ability to help you tone and lengthen muscles, lose weight, relieve back pain, improve circulation, purify your internal organs, improve and regulate hormone production, and reduce stress. As a result, the workings of the body as a whole are improved.

How often should I practice Yoga?

  • At Maya Shakti Yoga, we recommend a daily practice; as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day has a huge impact on the quality of life. We encourage students to come into the Studio to practice with fellow Yogis and Yoginis and a qualified instructor as often as possible, but at least once per week.  

How are your teachers trained?

  • All of our teachers are trained with a minimum YT-200 

Can I do Yoga during pregnancy?

  • Yes, Yoga enhances pregnancy, and allows a mother to bond with her baby before they even meet.  Nothing is more fulfilling than feeling your baby move due to a richly oxygenated blood flow, which occurs during yoga practice. Please clear any activity with your Obstetrician prior to starting Yoga.   

Why are the doors locked during business hours?

  • There will be times when is is necessary for the outside retail store door to be locked. We are primarily a Yoga Studio. The studio will be staffed at least 15 minutes before any scheduled class or workshop. If you find our doors locked, we appreciate your understanding during these times. Thank you.